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How to activate wells fargo card ?


Activate Wells Fargo Card with our professional guide and easy methods.

How To Activate A Wells Fargo Card?

Wells Fargo Card Activation – Credit and Debit Card

It is essential to complete the Wells Fargo card activation before using the bank card. In this post, we’ll discuss about the replacement or new activation of Wells Fargo credit and debit cards.

Regardless of if you have received a new or replacement debit or credit card from Wells Fargo, you will need to activate it before using it to make purchases and pay bills.

Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the United States, and while the company is headquartered in San Francisco, it has offices nationwide. But you don’t have to go to an office to activate the Wells Fargo card.

The process of Wells Fargo card activation is very easy and quick, and the bank makes it possible for you to start using it within a minute of receiving your card. You can avoid the hassle of going to the bank’s office completely.

Wells Fargo new cardholders may have many questions regarding Wells Fargo card activation; How do I activate my Wells Fargo Credit Card or Debit Card? What are the requirements for activating Wells Fargo Card? or What are the steps required to activate Wells Fargo card?

To ease the process here, we will introduce simple and trouble-free steps for activating Wells Fargo card. If you want to activate your card, please check the requirements and carefully follow the simple steps below.

Requirements for Wells Fargo Card Activation

  • An account in Wells Fargo Online® Banking if you are activating the card online.
  • A phone number linked with a Wells Fargo bank account if you are activating the card through phone banking.
  • Credit Card or Debit Card Number
  • Social Security number
  • Personal Identification
  • Credit Card or Debit Card customer’s name

There are several ways to activate Wells Fargo card. We will move quickly on each of them.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Activation


How to activate Wells Fargo Credit Card online?

  1. Log in to Wells Fargo Online Portal by visiting this link . If you don’t have a Wells Fargo online account yet, don’t worry. You can create an account on their online portal in minutes.
  2. To create an account, all you have to do is to enter your bank account number and your social security number on Wells Fargo portal.
  3. After entering these details, you’ll need to set up your username and password, after that you’ll be able to access your bank account online.
  4. For activating your credit card online, log in to the portal, and check your identity by entering your personal information as prompted, including your address and social security number.
  5. You will also have to enter the credit card number, the expiration date of the card, and the name of the cardholder.
  6. Now your Wells Fargo Credit card will be activated.
  7. Online activation of Wells Fargo card should not take more than five minutes.

Activate Wells Fargo Credit Card over the Phone

Activating your Wells Fargo Credit card on the phone is faster and easier. You need to call Wells Fargo at 1-877-294-6933, Follow the below steps to activate your Wells Fargo credit card on mobile or telephone services:

  • Dial 1 (877) 294 6933 from your registered phone number.
  • Listen carefully and choose the right option to activate the Wells Fargo credit card.
  • Enter your credit card details such as card number, expiry dates, and any other identifying information such as your Social Security number.
  • Listen carefully to the auto instructed points and accept the terms and conditions offered by the Wells Fargo credit card service.
  • At the end of a phone call, you will receive a notification that you will be able to use your credit card soon.

Wells Fargo Card activation method using phone is the fastest one, and should not take more than two minutes.

Remember you must dial the Wells Fargo credit card activation number 1-877-294-6933 from your registered phone number to activate your card, otherwise activation will not work.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Activation using Wells Fargo App

Download Wells Fargo Mobile app in your Android or iOS device and log in to your account using your same username and password as your online account.

After logging in, Wells Fargo card activation is as easy as searching the right card from the list of accounts and tapping on the activation option.

Wells Fargo Debit Card Activation


If you have received your Wells Fargo debit card, you will have to activate it just like you have activated your credit card.

While you can use all three of the above methods to activate your Wells Fargo debit card, there are some other methods also which you can use as an alternative.

Wells Fargo Debit Card Activation using ATM

You can activate Wells Fargo Debit card by visiting any WF ATMs nearby your location. Just follow these simple steps and your debit card will be activated instantly:

  • Visit the Wells Fargo ATM and insert the debit card which you have received into the ATM slot.
  • Enter the debit card PIN, which you have received a few days separately after receiving the debit card.
  • Simply inserting the card into the slot activates your Wells Fargo Debit card.

Note that activation of debit card can only be done at Wells Fargo ATM.

Activate Wells Fargo Card at Bank Branch

To activate Wells Fargo Card, you can also visit any Wells Fargo office and request the banker for Wells Fargo card activation. They will do this for you free of cost, and it will take only a few minutes.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Activating A Wells Fargo Card

  • If you are activating a Wells Fargo replacement card, the PIN will remain the same as your old card’s PIN. You can activate the replacement card by calling the number on the card sticker. The replacement card activation can also be done at Wells Fargo ATM.
  • The new card’s PIN will be send to you separately apart from the card. If you want to change the PIN to a number which is easier for you to remember, you can call on this number 1-800-869-3557 and follow the prompts to change your Wells Fargo card PIN.
  • Customer support representatives cannot change or remind you of your card PIN.
  • If a week has passed and you still have not received a PIN for your Wells Fargo card, you can call Wells Fargo customer service and request for a new PIN. It will reach in your mail within 7 business days.

Important Note

Using the above methods should be a breeze to activate the Wells Fargo Card, and now you will be able to pay using Wells Fargo Credit Card.

Wells Fargo recommends that as soon as you receive your card, sign the back of your card. The company also recommends demolishing any temporary debit cards when you receive a permanent debit card.

Following these best practices ensures that your identity and your bank account are safe.

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