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BMO Credit Card Activation


Here you can learn to Activate BMO MasterCard and register MasterCard Securecode with our professional guide and easy methods.

Activate BMO Mastercard

It is required to activate BMO Mastercard or register BMO Mastercard securecode before using it. If you have recently received your BMO Mastercard or credit card either in hand or in the mail, you will need to activate BMO Mastercard before using it.

BMO Online Card Activation Website also works with credit cards issued by safety and security features of chip technology.

Bank of Montreal Online (BMO) is one of the premier financial institutions in Canada. Trusted and reputable, BMO offers a variety of credit cards to their customers.
Rated as one of the biggest lenders in Canada, BMO provides exceptional customer service, excellent rewards with competitive interest rates.

Your credit options depend on your credit score to obtain the advantage of the exceptional rewards offered on some of BMO’s most exclusive cards. Regardless of the credit card you choose, you can expect world-class service from BMO.

BMO Mastercard services allow credit card users to access the card and make payments easily. BMO new credit cardholders may have multiple questions regarding BMO Mastercard activation; How do I activate my BMO Mastercard or Credit Card? What are the requirements for activating BMO Mastercard, How to register BMO Mastercard securecode, or what steps are required to activate BMO Mastercard?

This post will discuss simple and straightforward steps about the Mastercard securecode and new activation of BMO Mastercards. To activate BMO Mastercard, you can select numerous options, and each of them is very easy and suitable. Please check the requirements and carefully follow the steps below.

Requirements to Activate BMO Mastercard

  • An account in BMO Online Banking is necessary if users are activating the BMO Mastercard online.
  • An associated phone number with the bank account if you wished to activate BMO Mastercard through the mobile phone.
  • BMO Mastercard
  • Credit Card Number
  • Social Security number
  • Personal identification details
  • BMO Mastercard user details

There are different ways to activate a BMO Mastercard. Let’s move quickly on each of them.

Activate Your New BMO Mastercard Online at

You can activate the BMO Mastercard on the official BMO website. You need to sign in to your online banking account i.e. This is an excellent idea because it makes the process smooth and comfortable without worrying about anything. Many people choose this method because it’s the easiest way to log in to BMO online banking.

BMO Credit Card Activation

Credit card users should know that you must have a bank account in BMO Online Banking if you want to activate BMO Mastercard or BMO credit card using online banking services.

How to Activate BMO Mastercard Online?

  1. You need to visit or simply click the link available here for BMO Mastercard Activation link.
  2. Login with your user Id and password for BMO Mastercard activation.
  3. Now you will be directed to another page which will ask for a 16-digit number on your new BMO Credit card.
  4. Now confirm your identity with the security questions.
  5. Fill out your personal details like identification and card details carefully.
  6. Your BMO Mastercard will be activated and ready to use shortly.

Register BMO Mastercard Securecode

You might also wish to set up your BMO Mastercard securecode during the credit card activation process. This code is private and only BMO, and you will know it. This will increase the security of your account so that it may not be used in an unauthorized method.

After completing your BMO credit card online activation, you can create your own BMO Mastercard Securecode. Just go to this website and then select the language of your choice.
During the Secure Code registration process, you also have the opportunity to opt into several different paid account defence services. These include Credit Card Balance Protection, Credit Defence, and I Defence Plus.

Some BMO credit cardholders might find that the online activation process is not available to them for some reason. If for any reason this happens, you can contact BMO Customer Service directly at 1 800 263-2263 to complete the activation process.

BMO Credit Card Phone Number

If you are trying to activate BMO Mastercard using a phone number, you should have registered your phone number in BMO bank account.

BMO customers can then activate the credit card by dialing the BMO credit card phone number at 1 800 263-2263. The important thing here is that you can quickly contact the BMO customer care through this process.

When you’re calling the BMO credit card number 1 800 263-2263, you must have all the required details ready in hand.

Follow these instructions to activate BMO Mastercard by using BMO credit card phone number method:

  1. Dial BMO credit card Number 1 800 263-2263.
  2. Listen carefully and select the right option to activate the credit card.
  3. Give your crebit card details including 16 digit card number, CVV, card name etc.
  4. Now it will ask you a security question that you have previously set with BMO to verify your identity.
  5. Accept the credit card terms and conditions as instructed to complete BMO Mastercard Activation.
  6. One all the details has been provided, your BMO Mastercard will be activated and be able to access.

You can also use the above toll-free BMO number to set up a PIN for your new BMO credit card. BMO credit card PIN will give you access to your account’s cash advance features. The pin will also increase the security of all chip-enabled credit cards supplied by the Bank of Montreal.
Account-holders can also change their credit card PIN whenever they want to use their new credit card at an ATM owned by BMO.

BMO Helpline:

  • BMO Mastercard Activation Phone Number: Call 1 800 263-2263.
  • BMO Customer Service Number: 1 800 263-2263
  • BMO Headquarters:- Saint Jacques Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Activating the BMO Mastercard online by visiting:
  • Website:

Important Tips for BMO Credit Card Activation

  • Ensure to sign out once you are done with your BMO credit card activation at to prevent unauthorized access.
  • For your bank account security, avoid using a public or shared computer when providing your BMO ATM PIN, BMO Mastercard, BMO Credit Card number, or other sensitive information.
  • To avoid identity theft, make sure to sign the back of your card as soon as you receive it.
  • Do read your BMO Mastercard holder agreement carefully.


Using the above methods, we are confident that you’ll easily activate your BMO Mastercard and start using it. In this article we have covered all the required answers to resolve following important questions:

  • How to activate BMO credit card
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  • What is BMO Credit card activation number
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  • How do I activate my BMO credit card by phone
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