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Barclaycard Activation process is mention in this post. Read this post and get information about how to Activate Barclay Card with different methods. You can use Online method for Barclay Card Activation at Or you can Activate Barclaycard over phone call at 00 44 24 7684 2100. And in the last method, you have to Activate your card at the ATM machine. Now Activate Your Barclaycard @ Follow the procedure mention below in this post.

This is the best post for our viewer’s for cards activation that’s why card activation is no more issue, you find the proper procedure and different methods here to activate Barclaycard. You must follow the procedure we mention and use any of the methods which suitable you the most. This Post, you can Also Activate Aviator MasterCard.

This Barclaycard gives many benefits to their holders which helps in their day to day life. If you don’t have this card then I personally suggest you apply for it. So read this post carefully and activate your Barclay Card easily.


Barclay Card Activation @ 

Cardholders of Barclaycard get lots of benefits which make their everyday life more easier. You can get advantages like cash-back, discount, extra credit points, bonuses, free gifts, etc. And the secure transaction is the best benefit which helps you lot.

There are three different methods are for Barclaycard Activation. Read out the steps and process to activate your card easily.


Methods for Barclaycard Activation 【】

🤑 Following are the three different methods for Barclay Card Activation 🤑

  1. Activate Barclaycard Online
  2. Activate Barclaycard Over Phone Call
  3. Activate Barclaycard at ATM

Activate BarclayCard

Activate Barclay Card Online @

For this online method, you have to be ready with a device like a Computer, Smartphone, Laptop, etc with internet-connectivity. Follow the steps as mention below.

⏯ Go to the official website of the Barclaycard activation here

⏯ Now enter the Username or ID Number and Passcode and sign-in to your account.

⏯ Now enter the card number and personal information very carefully.

⏯ Follow the instructions very carefully and complete the process.

⏯ Your card will be activated.


Activate Barclay Card Over Phone Call 

⏩ Using your registered mobile number call to the 00 44 24 7684 2100.

⏩ Now listen carefully and select the language for further process.

⏩ After that, you have to enter the Card Number and Personal Information very carefully.

⏩ Follow the instructor instructions very carefully and complete the activation process.

⏩ Your card will be activated.


Activate Barclaycard at ATM 

⏩ First, visit the nearby Barclay ATM.

⏩ Now swipe your Barclaycard in the ATM.

⏩ Now select the option Activate Barclaycard and enter the pin.

⏩ Now follow the instructions and complete the card activation process.

⏩ After completing the process your card will be activated.


Barclay Customer Support & Contact Help

🎯 Barclay Customer Service Number:- (877) 523-0478 & 0800 151 0900 (UK)

🎯 Barclaycard Card Services Number:- 0800 161 5308

🎯 Barclaycard headquarters Address:- London, United Kingdom

🎯 Barclaycard Facebook Contact Page:- Facebook

🎯 Barclaycard Email Support:-

🎯 Barclaycard Official Website Link:-


Barclay Hours Of Operation | Working Hours

Monday9:30 AM7:00 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM5:30 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM5:30 PM
Thursday9:30 AM5:30 PM
Friday9:30 AM7:00 PM
Saturday9:30 AM4:30 PM
Sunday12:00 AM4:00 PM


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We hope that this post will help you to Activate Barclay Card easily. Check out all the methods for Barclay Card Activation and follow the steps to easily Activate Barclaycard. This Post Will Help To Barclaycard Activation @

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